The Divorce Battle So Ruinous Even The Judge Was Left Horrified


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Jul 11, 2022

This article depicts a very toxic divorce battle that ended up costing the couple and their family millions of dollars, to the point that the Judge was horrified that there was little left for the children of this marriage. 

This rarely happens in high equity cases. People of moderate means often times get so involved in a toxic litigated divorce that they basically turn all of their assets over to cover the costs of litigating the divorce. 

There is a better way for every family to divorce with dignity, confidentiality and with their financial, emotional and physical health in a healthier position, rather than what they will experience through a litigated divorce. 

The collaborative process is meant for ALL families.  It is truly a holistic approach that is the most cost effective to resolve a dissolution of a marriage or primary relationship in an amicable and economical way. 

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