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I reached out to Concetta for representation in a pre-nuptial agreement that required a quick turnaround time. Concetta was kind, helpful, and responsive throughout the entire process. I explained our tight deadline and she jumped into action, providing us with a clear timeline of what was feasible, and executed against that timeline. From our initial phone call to the signing of the retainer to the drafting of the agreement, Concetta went out of her way to make sure I understood everything – including all the tricky legal jargon. She spent over an hour with me to go over the pre-nup, section-by-section, to make sure I was completely clear on the entire document. Outside of her high level of professionality, Concetta was also extremely personable, and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her. She even presented me and my fiancé with a lovely bottle of champagne to celebrate our upcoming nuptials. I would highly recommend her services!

Jessica R. 


Thank you for all your help! You are kind, smart, honest and professional! I appreciate all you have done and will recommend you highly to anyone in need of your services!

I wish you and your staff all the best!

Greg K.

My experience with Concetta was great. She was extremely helpful in assisting me with my legal name change and I would highly recommend her services to anyone else in need of LGBTQ related legal assistance.

Thank you again for all of your help.


Dear Ms. Spirio,

Thank you for all your hard work and expertise during this difficult time.  Although I wish we had met under happier circumstances, I am grateful for Jerry’s recommendation and for the smooth transition you provided.  I am also mindful of the extra burden and work load, the tragic circumstances of late have caused you, which makes me that much more appreciative that you took our case.  You are a good friend and colleague of Jerry, which means a lot for our family and especially for my father.  Personally, I look forward to having as long and prosperous of an association as Jerry and my father have had.

Thank you,

Walter L.

I have had the pleasure of seeking the professional services of Concetta Spirio. It was so nice to talk to someone who was not only informative, but knew how to explain the law in common sense language. Concetta provided excellent guidance. She helped me dissect and understand legal issues, giving me the ability to make informed decisions. She made sure that I understood the facts, and always got back to me in a timely manner to handle any follow up questions that I had. I knew that I was dealing with someone who was knowledgeable, diligent, and highly effective. I confidently recommend using her services.
Chris A. 

* * * * *

I consulted with Concetta Spirio a few months back to have her help me with a difficult situation I had with my divorce which had happened 10 years ago. I asked her for the rules of what the child support upward modification parameters should be for my situation with 3 children. She was prompt with her phone calls back to me, and was extremely knowledgeable about this subject matter. What made me feel even better about Concetta, was that she was truly concerned about my situation and quite honestly gave me the guts and determination to do what I should have done a long time ago, which was approach my ex husband about what he was lacking in doing for his children. She gave me such support and was completely honest with me and the end result was that my children benefited from her expertise. I recommend her highly and hope you all get the results that I did.

By Carolyn L


Concetta G. Spirio is a true professional, dedicated to every one of her clients and vested in the outcome of their cases. She is tough yet compassionate, brilliantly smart yet not snobbish and she is understanding yet honest. For any family law or divorce issues please reach out to her. You won’t be disappointed.

Elizabeth Vaz, ESQ.

Connie you were way ahead of the crowd when you created all the documents my now wife and I needed to protect ourselves prior to being able to legally marry .You are amazing .Thank you so much for making us feel safe . I highly recommend you to all for legal advice. You also attended my business purchase and sales and I always knew I was in gr8 hands .😎👍

Elaine S. 

Many years ago I consulted Concetta for a bankruptcy. She explained everything thoroughly, her prep was meticulous, and she held my hand through the entire process. I was relieved to be in such experienced hands.  Over the years, I have consulted with Concetta numerous times for myself as well as for family members. She always answers questions, advises, or refers to qualified council if it is not in her wheelhouse. She will soon be preparing our wills.  I would recommend Concetta to anyone without hesitation.


Hi Concetta

I really want to tell you that this is one payment that I always felt so grateful to be making. You have been there for me in so many ways. It has been such an honor to get to know you and to be able to trust someone to have my back the way you have always.

I want to thank you for your continued patience allowing me to pay this off at the pace that was comfortable to the business I do. I do what I love and I am finally at a point of accepting that it will always work out one way or another as long as I move forward with heart and integrity.

You're amazing, thank you for everything!!



I want to thank you for making a tough situation such as divorce a smooth transition and for your knowledge and wisdom and kindness and fairness, for making it comfortable for both sides, thank you for your expertise and your sense of humor.  

Sincerely thankful, Denise

My husband and I worked with Concetta on our wills and health care proxies. From the minute we met her and we began working together, it was evident that Concetta was extremely knowledgeable in these areas. We had an idea of how we wanted things to go, and Concetta also made some useful suggestions that fit into our life and situation. We feel confident that every detail has been taken care of, and throughout the process Concetta was sensitive to our individual needs. She also had a lot of patience when things needed to be re-explained or changed. If we had to do this over again, we would not hesitate to hire Concetta to represent us again.


It was a pleasure dealing with Concetta. She was extremely thorough and came up with some very creative ideas for how we should proceed with our situation. Her experience and knowledge is evident immediately. She is someone I would recommend to a friend in an instant.


We had Concetta handle 2 real estate closings efficiently and effortlessly. She is very explanatory and personable and fun to get to know.



As I have said to you many times, you are very detailed and precise in your work. I feel like ever "i" gets dotted and every "t" gets crossed. You are totally committed to your clients and when needs have been demanded, you have been available at different times of day and night, weekends as well as holidays.

I really appreciate your responsiveness and availability to me when I have needed you.




We spoke about two weeks ago.  I had an outstanding bill for a termination that I had some time ago that was settled and paid after I disputed the amount.  Thank you so much for all your advice and guidance.  We spoke on the phone on and on and you really helped.

Best Regards to you Always,


Hi Concetta,

I want to thank you for your representation. I think you are very thorough and diligent and you have shown that you are very accessible to your clients, which is very important to me.



I think you are diligent and you are extremely well organized with our complicated case and you have been willing to answer any questions that I ask. This is very reassuring and I am very satisfied with your representation.



Just letting you know that my representative really enjoyed doing the deposition with you. My staff loves working with you because they all know that you have our backs and that you know your stuff and can kick butt. You're like a goddess..




Thank you so much. As you know your advice is tremendously valued by us.


Hi Concetta,

I just wanted to say, thank you! I know you are doing your job (and very well I might add) but I have to thank you for all that you do. I seriously feel, a much lighter load knowing that you have my back.

I certainly went into this venture blindly and have made some mistakes. Many times I have felt very alone. I went from being a "housewife" of 30 years to divorce, school and business owner. I've always had guts but finally decided to jump in and make my life something different. I jumped in without really looking and have had to pay for that in a few ways. I don't necessarily know if I would change much but I do know I wish I had known you from the beginning. In any event, I need you to know that I appreciate your work, what you have done for me and I am grateful. Thank you so very much.



Re: The Vegas Conference you spoke at.

You were amazing. We should be the ones thanking you.

Thanks again,


April 9th, 2015

Dear Concetta,

Thanks so much for making this process, long overdue, painless and anxiety free! you will be the first person I recommend if someone asks for the name of a good lawyer!



September 21st, 2011

Dear Concetta,

Enclosed is a payment towards your fee. I will send the balance next week.

Again, I am impressed with the diligence that you have handled Theodora's Estate so far.