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Ms Spirio, an experience real estate lawyer, represents clients through Nassau and Suffolk County on Long Island. The purchase or sale of a home is often the largest financial transaction of a lifetime. It’s essential to have an experienced New York real estate lawyer to help you make the right decisions and handle the myriad of possible problems that too often crop up. We are trusted by many across Long Island and will work closely with you to ensure your needs and desires are met. So please, get in touch with us today for more information. The number for our office is 631-277-8844. When you call, we can provide you with a no-obligation 15-minute consultation.

The Need for a Real Estate Lawyer

Real Estate LawyerAlthough a real estate closing itself may seem simple, what takes place before and sometimes even during the closing can be complicated and stressful. It’s crucial to have an expert. Ms. Spirio will be there for you for the entire process from start (Contract) to finish (Closing), she will work diligently to protect your interests. Additionally, she is centrally located in Long Island and has specific expertise and experience working in both Nassau County and Suffolk County.

We help clients with all sorts of issues in the real estate field, including:

  • Purchasing
  • Selling
  • Refinancing

No matter your issue, Ms. Spirio is the real estate lawyer who will be there for you! All of our clients receive all the same personal attention throughout. She will keep you informed and counsel you every step of the way. She also provides her clients with outstanding representation in the most cost-effective manner possible. 

Whether our clients are purchasing, selling or refinancing, they all receive the same personal attention and are always kept informed and counseled through each step of the process. We provide our clients with superior representation in the most cost-effective manner.

A Lawyer For All Families

As a real estate lawyer with expertise in non-traditional family law and LGBT representation, Ms. Spirio also helps couples who aren’t married make informed decisions with respect to Real Estate transactions. Ms. Spirio offers legal advice to clients with respect to their property interests. The real estate landscape is constantly changing, but with the help of Ms. Spirio, you will be informed to the fullest to ensure you are making the best possible decision.

Other decisions that come into play for non-traditional families are questions as to how to hold title, how the property will pass on to your loved ones upon your death, how to structure ownership, ensure inheritance rights of the surviving partner if the legal owner passes away, how the home’s value will be determined and what will happen to the property in case of a break-up. A certified real estate lawyer can help you tremendously when settling these finances.

Ms. Spirio and her real estate staff are committed to legal excellence and pride ourselves on the fact that we view every relationship with each client as our most important. Ms. Spirio has experience in various types of real estate transactions as well as various types of litigation that arise from land ownership, sale or purchase. Don't leave matters like this to amateurs. Use the expertise of our attorney offices to get great service.

Our clients are our main focus. We provide our clients with the respect and compassion they deserve. While working with Ms. Spirio, we guarantee the privacy of your case at all times and will strive to meet your needs. Your personal satisfaction is our ultimate goal. There are a few reasons why you might need to hire a real estate lawyer. The more you know, the better you'll understand how they operate and how they pertain to your given situation. The attorneys are this law firm have years of experience handling all sorts of deals in real estate and can provide you with a crucial service. 

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Concetta Spirio has years of experience handling cases across Long Island. If you are considering buying or selling a home, condo, co-op or property, contact us today. We offer a no-obligation initial 15-minute consultation on the benefits of using a real estate lawyer and personal service. Please call 631-277-8844 to call our office and learn more about all we can offer. Ms. Spirio represents clients throughout Suffolk and Nassau County. We treat our clients with an attention to detail that their situation deserves and will work with you from start (contact) to finish (closing).

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