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Conservative Activists Accused In Hoax Voting Robocalls Ordered To Make New, ‘Curative' Message

Posted On: October 30, 2020

As we get closer to the election...A justice in the Southern District Federal Courts in New York has directed two Trump supporters who sent out thousands of false voter intimidating Robocalls in several major cities and swing states to send out corrective robocalls with a specific script crafted by the judge acknowledging that their prior call was false and deliberately intimidated voters.

Selected excerpt(s), photo and linked article courtesy of Mark Hicks, The Detroit News


‘You Don’t Belong Here’: In Poland’s ‘LGBT-Free Zones,’ Existing Is An Act of Defiance

Posted On: October 27, 2020

How far have we come, as citizens of the world, when we cannot live our lives in peace and love who we love? I was absolutely stunned, mortified, and actually felt ill when I read this article! I cannot believe what is going on in the world. We had come so far in this country on LGBTQ rights.  While in college I had the good fortune of running the gay and lesbian student union.  I never thought I would see the day that marriage would be legalized for lesbians and gays.  Reading this article, I cannot imagine living in a country or having my own town and neighbors enforcing an LGBTQ Free Zone and constantly have to hide who I am.  I thought those days were over for all of us, but apparently not in some places in the world.

This demonstrates an absolutely backward shift in human rights.  I also fear that LGBTQ rights are being eroded in this country and there is a trend to reverse the strides forward that have been made.  We would ALL be better served with love and understanding, regardless of our personal opinions and choices.

This article shows the rhetoric that has been used in the past to demonize Lesbians and Gays.  Promotion of fear generating falsehoods that lesbians and gays promote pedophilia, child molestation and are the destroyers of families.  The truth and statistics show that these crimes are perpetrated by white straight men more than anyone else!

We cannot let the world revert to the times when people were killed for their religious beliefs or for who they are. We are not back in the Roman times when people were literally thrown to the lions and we should not revisit Nazi Germany. There has been too much hate!  The human race really needs to learn from our past history.  We need to be better people and love one another and move forward with inclusion, diversity and understanding.  Even if you do not agree with somebody then at least have the human dignity and respect to show some tolerance so that we may all coexist and live together in peace.

Story by Rob Picheta and Ivana Kottasová, CNN.  Photographs by Sarah Tilotta, CNN


What Women Need to Know About Divorcing During a Pandemic

Posted On: October 20, 2020

I know most of you have been seeing the reports, and the reality is that the coronavirus pandemic has brought about an increase in divorce.  Experts are predicting that those numbers will continue to climb as the pandemic continues.  This may not apply to all women, however many times it is more often the rule than not, but the fact is, the majority of the time, due to the disparities in earning capacity as well as choice in child rearing, women are not as financially equipped to handle the devastation of a divorce as men.  As this article points out, it would behoove women to tread carefully and be particularly savvy during this time.  Do not take drastic action but rather plan financially for the dissolution that you see coming.  Again, in this article, a study in the Journal demographic found that both men and women are hurt economically by a divorce, but men recover more quickly due to the disparity of earning capacity and the realities of the business world.  As this article quotes women have disproportionate losses in household income and assets and increase in risk of poverty and single parenting.

Interestingly, the report concluded that for men, divorce is an economic pot hole, and for a woman it can be a cliff.  That is a very clear and visual description of the extreme differences between the economic impact for men and women.


Upstate NY Fall Foliage 2020: Mountains Are Hitting Their Autumnal Color Peaks

Posted On: October 13, 2020

Oh my god, I don’t know about you, but after all the this quarantining, it’s nice to get out into the fresh air and enjoy nature!  The foliage in New York State is always spectacular and it’s about to hit its peak.  If you have the opportunity, go get some fresh air in upstate New York, maybe pick some apples and have a good time. 

This article shows some of the best places and where the peaks are right now.  It also gives some great ideas on New York State Tourism websites.  Enjoy!


Ginsburg Remembered As LGBTQ Ally

Posted On: October 07, 2020

I, like many people, was hit hard by the loss of this national treasure and icon.  Ruth Bader Ginsburg was an incredible woman who sacrificed so much for others and our country.  Many people are not aware that RBG intended to retire in 2016 when she thought Hillary Clinton was going to win the election and wanted to turn over her seat to Hillary for the appointment of the next Supreme Court Justice.  As we all know that did not happen and a very different future arose.  What most people do not realize is that at 83 years old she chose to still serve her country and work for what she believed in, rather than give up her seat to the present administration.  That is why it will be an absolute travesty if her seat is filled before the people have an opportunity to vote (the hypocrisy of those who changed the rules to appoint Scalia’s replacement while President Obama had 10 months remaining in office!).  To me it is not about your political views or who you would is about being an American and doing the right thing.  We should all be able to voice our differences of opinion and reflect our decision in our vote without that system being corrupted and our democracy undermined by a political party. 

The notorious RBG was  a beacon of light and hope.  She not only talked about making life better for minorities and the underprivileged who are marginalized by mainstream society, but she made it her life’s mission to benefit the plight of others and secure rights and justice for all.  She worked so hard and was an exquisite and thoughtful writer.  Whether or not you are into reading legal decisions as some lawyers are, some of her decisions are just wonderful to read.  This article shares some of her shining moments and gives us all a better appreciation of who she was.

When others were enjoying their retirement (as she should have been), RBG was still working every day and very hard for her country and the rights of people she didn’t even know. 

And finally, because RBG was Jewish, we do not say Rest in Peace, but rather, let her memory and life’s work inspire and live on.

Linked article courtesy of Chris Johnson at Washington Blade, America's LGBT News Source