A Lesbian Mom Raised Her Son For Two years. An Oklahoma Judge erased That In 15 Minutes.


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Jun 07, 2022

This recent decision is very scary and demonstrates one of the reasons I advise clients, notwithstanding, that they may both be on the birth certificate; a second parent adoption is really necessary to protect your rights to the child and your child’s rights to you in any State in the Union.  This poor woman had her rights to her child and even her name on the birth certificate stripped simply because that is what the Judge thought should be done, and rationalized it by stating there was “no proof of a second parent adoption”.

This decision is horrific for the mother who has lost all rights to her child! 

It also sets an extremely bad precedent for the LGBTQ community and same sex married parents who still technically lack the same rights guaranteed to heterosexual married couples.

Selected excerpt(s) and linked article courtesy of Sara Luterman, Kate Sosin, 19thnews(dot)org
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