These Women Open Up About Divorce In Your Twenties


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Feb 07, 2022

Most people don’t know, but this past January 10th was “Divorce Day”.  Typically, January sees an increase in divorce because most people decided to wait for the holidays to be over and to start the new year off by moving forward in a different direction.  In 2021, we saw two big celebrity divorces:  Adele, whose comeback album’s major theme was about the dissolution of her marriage, and Kim & Kanye's mega public dissolution of their relationship.

Although divorce is often depicted as something tragic and life altering, and while the pain of the dissolution of a primary relationship is usually evident for most couples, it appears that it's clear that leaving behind a relationship that isn’t good for you can only be a positive thing.  It is a chance for someone to reclaim time and reach better emotional and mental health. 

The landscape of relationships and marriage and divorce has changed.  Studies have shown that the “Millennials” are more cautious and are less likely to get married in the first place compared to other generations.  This article cites a 2018 US Study that suggested 46% of people from 25 to 37 were married, compared to 57% of “Gen X” and 67% of early “Boomers” at that same age.  According to this article, the Millennials have changed attitudes about marriage and divorce.  It is almost as if the younger generation has accepted divorce as a more than possible outcome.  They don’t look at a person who is divorced in such a negative fashion, but rather that they are free of something that wasn’t good for them.  They are also more easily and frequently supportive, offer words of encouragement, and believe that love can be found again.

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