10 Smart Ways To Not Get Divorced In 2022


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Feb 14, 2022

This article looks at different issues, including the small things in life, that can get under someone’s skin, and how to look past some of those things. One item to consider: spending time apart to give each other space which may actually improve your relationship.

I personally like, “chose happiness over winning”.  Is it more important to be right and cause damage to a relationship, or be able to be magnanimous, apologize or even better, give room for both people to be right.

This principal works well, whether to maintain a good relationship or applied to other conflicts in life.  When a person is in conflict with another party, this principal can help resolution.  You have to ask yourself “Is it more important to be right in a particular situation, or for the overall goal would it be better to move forward with a solution rather than to hang on to who is right?”

This is a good read and some of the items are humorous as well as innovative. 😊

Selected excerpt(s) and linked article courtesy of Chaunie Brusie, YourTango(dot)com
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