3 Things All Happily Married Couples Do When Times Get Tough


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Dec 06, 2022

Maintaining your relationship as well as a household, especially if there are additions or children, put strains on a marriage. It is important that each party is working together and no party feels like they are left doing it all. Having a we/team mentality is essential and avoids any resentment if you are both working together to make not only your relationship work but your household and your life.

It is also essential to communicate about everything and it cannot be underscored enough that simply taking the time to articulate your appreciation of your partner to your partner and acknowledging their contributions to the household, the family and supporting each other is critical.

Small gestures can go a long way. It doesn’t need to be the big gift, just simply a compliment of how you look and what you are wearing, a cup of tea or coffee or even a small bouquet of flowers to brighten someone’s day. As the saying goes: actions speak louder than words.

Here are 3 things happily married couples do when times get tough...

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