The Secret To A Happier Marriage: Take Separate Vacations


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Oct 24, 2022

This may sound strange, encouraging separate vacations without your significant other, but the reality is most of us do not share 100% of our interests and enjoyments with our partners since we have different likes and dislikes, whether it be food, activities, etc. Also, sometimes we need just time to be with our individual friends or simply on our own.

Going on a solo vacation without your partner can give you the freedom to follow your individual escapades without making any compromises, and this is also true for your partner. It also gives you time to connect with other friends and family or other relationships that you wish to maintain. This can actually be very healthy for each of you, and therefore healthier for your relationship.

We also don’t always recognize how we are co-dependent on our partner, which isn’t a bad thing...however, sometimes when we are on our own without our partner it empowers us to be more resilient and explorative of our own nature and interests. This is absolutely a healthy thing! :) 

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