8 Big Signs Your Marriage ISN'T in Trouble


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Jan 31, 2022

So many times we look at the negative in life and fail to recognize the positive - and praise the positive!  I have always been a person who feels it's important to tell someone when they have done a good job and also take stock of all the good things we should be grateful for.

This article explores the 8 big signs your marriage is NOT in trouble.  What a wonderful thing to look at your relationship and see all the positives of what is working well.  This is not to say that a relationship is not work.  It's important to realize the things that are going well and the things you are doing to keep it working that are important. 

One point that I want to add to this list is that laughter truly is the best medicine for everyone.  So have fun, find joy and laugh!

Selected excerpt(s) and linked article courtesy of Jeremy Brown, fatherly(dot)com
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