Widows: Don’t Overlook The Financial Consequences of Remarrying


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Aug 07, 2023

Unfortunately, many people face the traumatic and life altering event of losing a spouse.  Although this is extremely overwhelming, eventually some decide to find love again.  According to the study mentioned in this article, 61% of men and 19% of women find a new relationship or remarry within 25 months of the loss of their spouse. 

Remarrying later in life can be complicated and has its own financial concerns.  This article shares a check list developed by a senior financial advisor after encountering numerous questions from widowed spouses.  He offers general guidelines and a check list of what a surviving spouse should do in the first 24 months and what items to consider depending upon your age.

Selected excerpt(s) and linked article courtesy of Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell, marketwatch(dot)com
Royalty-free photo courtesy of Pixabay

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