Tom Brady & Gisele Bündchen Lacked A Key Trait Needed To Prevent Divorce — And Not Even Retirement Could Change It


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Feb 14, 2023

The media is always abuzz when the name Tom Brady comes into play.  When Tom retired in 2022 and said he “needed to spend time with his family” and then shortly unretired and came back amidst rumor and speculation that also included he was having “marital difficulties” as a result of unretirement, many people looked to blame his wife Gisele as the cause of his stress and turmoil.

However, the bottom line is that a couple (whether it be in a marriage or a committed relationship) has to be on the same page with respect to commitment, what is important to each person, and shared responsibilities. 

Based upon what was rumored and said in the media, it doesn’t appear that Tom and Gisele were on the same page for many years.

Everyone knows that a full-time job/career takes extreme commitment...and so does raising a family and having a good and strong relationship with your partner or spouse.

Although the public is absolutely fascinated with famous people’s divorces, no one will know the true story except the two people involved.

At the very least, however, one should recognize that they did NOT go through the court system other than to finalize their divorce.  All that was involved in unraveling their marital and pre-marital assets and liabilities was probably done by a settlement minded professional such as a mediator or collaborative Attorney.

So, if it is good for the “rich and famous” it is DEFINITELY much more economical for “the rest of us”.

If you wish to learn more about mediation or collaboration, please contact my offices.

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