7 Serious Red Flags That Show Up During Your First Fight As A New Couple


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Sep 13, 2021

Whether you are looking for a lifetime partner or a significant long term relationship, you need to pay attention to red flags that show themselves in a relationship.  Conflict and disagreement are not necessarily a red flag in and of itself.  How conflicts are handled, what happens, and how you and your partner behave when you experience these obstacles can be very telling. 

Everyone experiences conflict, whether it’s with family, friends or even acquaintances.  It is truly unavoidable.  However, in your most personal primary relationships, especially with the partner in your life, you have the choice on how you decide to resolve conflict in your relationship. 

In addition to the excitement of dating someone new, you really have to pay attention to how your partner behaves after a conflict.  Remember, don’t be so blinded by the excitement that you chose to make excuses and not really examine what should be looked at as a red flag.

This article discusses several red flags that are very telling when exposed in a new relationship.  In looking at these seven red flags, what should be striking is how it involves how this partner chooses to interact and treat YOU.  Is it with open and honest communication?  Is it with respect for your feelings?

What are some red flags you have learned to look for? 

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