“A Hero” Among Us. An article by Concetta G. Spirio About a Special Client


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Apr 14, 2021

I do not remember how I originally met this client, but she and her wife became my clients 11 years ago when they asked me to prepare their Wills.  At that time, they were not able to legally marry as a same-sex couple.

When we met, I did not know that my client had a history in the military.  I only learned more of her story when they decided to update their Wills and came to my offices for their execution.

Unfortunately, my client was injured and for the last ten years has been in a wheelchair.  I didn’t know that she had the opportunity as a female veteran to work with a company that had created “Rewalk”, an exoskeleton suit that would help and enable a paralyzed person to walk.  She worked with the manufacturer and the government on the first prototype, and as a result, she traveled the world educating and demonstrating this device.  Being in a wheelchair has not stopped her service to her country.  In fact, this is what was so touching to me that I felt the need to write this article.  I found out that what I and many people do not know is that there are military traditions that include awards of certain coins.  One of the highest honors a retired military person can receive is a service coin given by a higher ranked military person to that retired service person in recognition of their continued service to their country.

My client received a very special Presidential coin from President Obama.  It was one of only two President Obama ever gave out.  I was so touched by her story which was shared with me, not to show off the coin or brag that she was in possession of it, but merely relaying the story which I found so significant and so moving.

Although this coin has not left her person since it was given to her by the President, she does not often show it.  I felt very privileged and honored that she chose to share her experience and offered to let me see and hold this valued coin.

Article written by Concetta G. Spirio

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