In 2021, Take These 12 Beautiful New York Hikes, One For Each Month Of The Year


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Feb 02, 2021

I don’t know about you, but since the COVID pandemic took over our lives, I have enjoyed and appreciated nature and being outdoors so much more.  Notwithstanding that it is technically winter, it doesn’t prevent us from bundling up and enjoying a lovely walk or hike through nature. 

This article highlights 12 incredible places, right in our own New York backyard, to enjoy the magnificence of nature and get some fresh air and feel part of the natural world again.  We are fortunate to have such a gorgeous state with so many public parks.  I remember as a child going to some of these places like Buttermilk Falls and being on a trail that had special rock formations that were called the lemon squeeze and the orange twist, because it had some challenges to navigate.

Whether by yourself, with your significant other or your children, plan a trip to take some down time and get out and enjoy some of these wonderful places.