15 Men Reveal the Moment They Knew They Wanted a Divorce


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Feb 05, 2020

Relationships, especially marriages, are hard work and difficult.  Even the happiest of couples may have serious bumps along the way.  Although there are studies that the divorce rate has dropped in recent years, that also can be attributed to the fact that some people have chosen not to get married.  However, that doesn't change the fact that when you are facing a dissolution of a relationship, it may not be always easy to extract oneself.  People split for a multitude of reasons.  However, sometimes at the core are some basic simple things like kindness, honesty, integrity and good communication.  This article explores 15 men who revealed different reasons why they chose to get divorced, which include a lack of a sex life, not willing to engage in therapy, deception by a partner though cheating and spying on them or looking through their phone, having grown apart and many others.  Whatever the reason may be, if therapy and reconciliation are not possible, then it's best to go about getting divorced through an amicable resolution process like Collaborative Divorce, where the parties are utilizing professionals who are dedicated to a settlement process and not litigation.

Selected excerpt(s), photo and linked article courtesy of Bethany Heitman, & SEB_RA Getty Images