9 Things Happy Couples Never, Ever Say to Each Other


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Nov 10, 2020

This article really drives home one of the key elements to a good relationship:  respect for one another.  No matter how positive and healthy your relationship is, there will always be moments when you have an argument and are irritable and may say something that you regret.  However, you never want to say something that will do damage to the relationship and becomes an irretrievable regret.  I like the way this article puts it.  “There is a difference between putting your foot in your mouth and pulling the pin on a hand grenade that can completely blow up your relationship.”

This is so very true.  Most people as they grow in their relationship learn what lines are to be drawn and what lines should not be crossed.  If you guide yourself with having true respect for your partner, the regrets should be minimal.  It is so important not to disrespect one another or undermine one another, especially in the heat of the moment or in the company of others.  There is nothing more damaging than disrespecting your spouse or partner in public.  Disparaging remarks or looking to set blame are key items that can undermine any relationship. 

Give this article a read, there are a lot of good points.

Selected excerpt(s) courtesy of Jeremy Brown, Fatherly.  Photo courtesy of Pinterest.