5 Essential Marriage Lessons From a Divorce Lawyer Who’s Seen it All


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Jan 27, 2020

As a divorce lawyer, many times you can see what a couple cannot and that is what is really at the heart of the breakdown of their relationship.  It is usually not one simple issue that is the straw that breaks the camels back, but small items that develop and can accumulate over time. 

Many couples make the mistake of not communicating openly and honestly with each other and making sure that their needs and wants are expressed out loud. Too often people couched their language or alter their response based on their attempt to please the other side and not cause an argument, when in fact what they are actually doing is laying the foundation for resentments and other problems for the future.

By the time people are at the point of getting divorced, they are often unrecognizable from the couple that was once so in love that they chose to get married.  They often forget why they chose to get married and lose the appreciation and reason why they love their partner. 

It is often the small communications and paying attention to the small things.  Being kind to one another, respecting one another and communicating that will help keep a marriage alive and well. 

This is why a collaborative divorce is also the best method in dealing with couples that have reached the point of needing a divorce.  The process is focused around the individuals and their relationship and what they need to go forward, even if that means getting divorced.

Here are 5 Essential Marriage Lessons From a Divorce Lawyer Who’s Seen it All...

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