Five Things Soon-To-Be-Married Couples Can Learn From Divorced Couples


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Jul 03, 2019

At the beginning of any relationship, one can easily be blinded by the excitement of the new relationship and the infatuation that often occurs.  However, it is important to pay attention to any yellow or red flags that get raised by the behavior of this new partner.  Many times people are on their best behavior, but you should definitely look at a partner who speaks negatively or posts negative comments about an ex or others in their life.  If the people who know you well in your life do not approve or like this person, pay attention, they may see something you do not.  It is important to notice toxic behavior that becomes a threat to any whether this person argues with personal attacks and negativity or plays the blame game.

It is important to notice these things before you get in too deep.  Certain things will not change, and if it is not going to work now, it won’t work later.  It is important to discuss and discover what is really important to each of you long term.  If there are difficulties, is this person willing to consider counseling as an alternative to work through issues?  Remember relationships are complex and they change over time.  It is important to give them room to breathe and grow, but it is extremely important to have a strong mutual love and an absolute trust and respect for one another.  Open honest communication is extremely important.

Take notice and take a step back to evaluate before you make a long term commitment.

Here are five things soon-to-be-married couples can learn from divorced couples.

Selected excerpt(s), photo and linked article courtesy of ABC Radio.