Things to Talk About: 13 Topics Children Wish Their Fathers Brought Up


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Nov 18, 2019

We all know that our children do not tell us everything.  This article focuses on what adult children wish their fathers would have brought up before it was too late.  Fathers, for reasons of doubt, awkwardness or simply lack of words don’t broach certain subjects. 

Many times things left unsaid can create voids later in life.  Some topics may seem more important than others.  Political affiliations and positions for one, but issues regarding divorce become interesting.  Since so many marriages, more than 50%, end up in divorce, it is quite often the case that one’s child at some time may be facing a divorce.  Although uncomfortable to talk about, sometimes parents can be of aid and support to their children going through their own divorce by sharing their experiences.

Sharing history of family, good or bad, is important, because once we are gone, our children may have no way of retrieving that knowledge other than what we share with them.  Discussing our personal health issues, experience and family medical health history is important as well.  These are just some of the items touched upon by this article that are not only of interest but important.

Selected excerpt(s), photo and linked article courtesy of Matt Christensen, Fatherly