Second Parent Adoption Lawyer

A LGBTQ Lawyer Helping with Second Parent Adoptions on Long Island

Second parent adoption secures the rights of the child and the non-biological parent regardless of marital status and regardless of whether or not both parents are named on the child's birth certificate. The process of second parent adoption is extremely important and necessary for many same sex couples, so that the non-biological parent unequivocally secures parenting rights to the child.

In the current political climate, there are many states in the United States that do not recognize same sex marriages or a non-biological parent's rights to their child whether or not they are on the birth certificate. Due to these circumstances, it is very important to secure the rights of a second parent adoption that legally recognizes both parents as the legal parents of the child. 

It is important to have these protections in place whether you are traveling in the United States or abroad. Second parent adoption is also crucial if relocation is in your future, because securing those parenting rights ensures that no matter where you go both parents are legal parents to the child.

If you need counseling on second parent adoption on Long Island, turn to Concetta Spirio, who has years of experience helping the LGBTQ community. Second parent adoption is a way to secure and protect the rights of your LGBTQ family.

Before you start pursuing a second parent adoption on Long Island, it is wise to consult with an experienced attorney, like Ms Spirio. She can help you understand the laws around this adoption process. For a no-obligation consultation, give our law office a call. The number is 631-277-8844. Each adoption situation is unique, but with our years of experience as second parent adoption lawyers on Long Island, many in the LGBTQ community have turned to us for legal counseling. On top of helping with adoptions, our legal services for the LGBTQ community also include estate planning and divorce.

What is Second Parent Adoption?

In LGBTQ families where only one parent is the biological parent; a second parent adoption will secure the rights of the non-biological parent and the child to each other, whether or not the non-biological parent is on the birth certificate and/or whether or not the child was born during a legal same sex marriage. Often being named as a parent on the birth certificate is not enough to secure the non-biological parent's rights. Second parent adoption unequivocally makes the non-biological parent a legal parent of the child. The parental rights are secured for both the parent and the child, which stabilizes the family and ensures their future together.

Second parent adoption is also essential for ensuring both partners have equal legal recognition and protection as parents and securing the child's rights and benefits, such as inheritance rights, access to medical care, and eligibility for social benefits.