Estate Planning for Same-Sex Couples

LGBTQ Estate Planning Lawyer

When it comes to planning your future, it can be difficult. Especially for those within the LGBTQ community. That is why our law office is dedicated to helping same-sex couples and those in the LGBTQ community with many legal issues, including estate planning. It can often be critical for same-sex couples to handle this due to some legal hurdles.

Once the marriage of same-sex couples became legal, it opened up the ability to save money on taxes and other previously unavailable aspects of being legally marries. However, same-sex couples deal with extenuating circumstances that other couples do not have to deal with. One such aspect is adopting a child. Or, sadly, having to deal with family members who do not accept them for who they are. A situation far too many in the LGBTQ community have to deal with on a regular basis.

Issues Stemming From Uncooperative Family Members

When someone has been rejected by a family member or friend due to their sexual orientation, legal ramifications ensue regarding the estate planning. The estate planning for same-sex couples is more vulnerable to sabotage by unsupportive family members. Thus, there may be legal action.

Here are some instances where the estate plans for a same-sex couple can be more vulnerable to hang-ups due to their family members:

  • The contesting of wills by a family member who does not recognize the validity of the relationship.
  • Custody battles over non-biological children in the event of a death or incapacity of a biological parent.
  • Interference from the family with a spouse's ability to make medical and financial decisions for their partner.

Of course, when it comes to the actual writing and planning of estates, the documents themselves do not differ between same-sex couples and heterosexual couples. It is merely the extenuating circumstances that cause the issues. However, same-sex couples need to be more aware and handle their drafts more precisely due to those circumstances. You want to be sure that the language of the document is exact and consistent with the current laws.

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When you turn to the law office of Concetta Spirio, you are put in the expert hands of a lawyer familiar with the problems a same-sex couple undergoes in a situation like this. So you can rest assured your estate planning has your best interest at heart. And is up to the legal standards you'd expect. It is unfortunate that same-sex couples and those in the LGTBQ community have to be so weary, but it only makes it that more important to have your details in order. Get estate planning for same-sex couples and those in the LGBTQ community that understands the language of the law and covers all the bases.

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