New York Non-Traditional Family Lawyer

Helping Non-Traditional Families with Their Legal Matters

On Long Island today, there are more non-traditional families than ever before. That is because traditional families are on the decline and due to the growing number of non-traditional families. This change is happening due to various reasons, including changes in the socio-economic conditions and more inclusive definitions of what constitutes a family. But the most important factor is the legalization of same-sex marriage, which has led to more adoptions of single-sex married couples. Thus boosting the non-traditional family structure.

In general, a non-traditional family includes blended families, stepparents, single and divorced parents, grandparents raising grandchildren, and LGBT couples. However, existing domestic relations, marriage, and family law simply have not kept up with the burgeoning needs of the growing number of non-traditional families. Due to this, a non-traditional family has to take affirmative steps to ensure legal recognition and protection of their families.

Issues Facing Non-Traditional Families

Ms. Spirio is an attorney with experience in non-traditional family law. She helps couples on Long Island understand the law and how it impacts those in non-traditional families. Most importantly, she guides her non-traditional family clients on how to legally protect themselves as best as possible to ensure the same rights afforded traditional families.

Here are a few examples of issues non-traditional families commonly face:

  • protection of children
  • the rights of the grand parents
  • holding property title
  • passing on of property after death
  • structuring home ownership
  • ensuring inheritance rights of the surviving partner if the legal owner passes away

How Our Law Office Helps Non-Traditional Families

When you are part of a non-traditional family, you need to be more attuned to legal matters, since you often have to jump through more hoops compared to a traditional family. It doesn't sound fair, but that is why our law office works diligently with non-traditional families across Long Island. At Ms Spirio's law office, we can advise and assist you regarding these following aspects:

  • domestic partnership agreements
  • legal issues arising from same-sex marriages
  • parenthood issues including second-parent adoptions
  • alternative insemination
  • known donor agreements
  • co-parenting agreements

We also work with clients in domestic partnership breakups using a variety of techniques such as negotiation, mediation, and collaborative law. We believe non-traditional families deserve the same care and attention as a traditional family. Which is not something that is a guarantee with laws often still favoring traditional families and structures. Our law office goes above and beyond to help our clients with all of their legal matters. We proudly handle many issues for the LGBTQ community.

When children are involved in a legal issues, then the need for professional help only rises as the legal matters become more imperative. Problems like adoptions, surrogate parenting, custody issues, asset sharing, or anything that may "bind" you to someone else should seek the advice of an experienced non-traditional family lawyer.

So please, if you are part of a non-traditional family and need legal advice and counsel, then reach out to the law office of Ms Spirio, today. The number for our office is 631-277-8844. When you call, we can provide you with a free, no-obligation 15-minute consultation to go over your legal issues.

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