Long Island Commercial Lawyer

Every lawyer has to have a particular set of skills to be successful. Ms. Spirio and others on the staff have these skills, which can help to guide you through any number of legal issues. Ms. Spirio is a trusted commercial lawyer for many clients across Nassau County and the whole of Long Island. This respect is due in large part to her upstanding character and strong legal abilities. Learn more about what makes a quality lawyer, like Ms. Spirio, achieve results in the legal world.

Communication and People Skills

Commercial LawyerBesides the knowledge of the law a commercial lawyer may possess, their communication is the next biggest plus when it comes to being a lawyer. All lawyers must be able to articulate their points orally, as well as written down. And they need to be good listeners too. Good public speaking skills are a must, as they need to convincingly argue to judges and juries the points of the case. A lawyer's knowledge of the law can only go so far. They need to speak to others and convey what they know effectively.

But it is not all about projection, as lawyers must also be able to write clear and concise legal documents to strengthen their case. And the listening comes into play a lot in the courtroom, as following up on testimony can make or break a case. 

All of these communication ideas also fall under simply having good people skills. Law is law, but the lawyers are working with others on a daily basis. They must be able to be persuasive and read others. These skills help in the courtroom the most, as they can gauge the reactions of a witness and their testimony. By doing so, they can follow up with an appropriate response. Also, it helps when negotiating with other lawyers. Knowing the best way to approach someone can ease the process.

Research and Analytical Skills

A lot of information needs to be researched and absorbed by lawyers during any case. Being able to do research quickly and effectively is vital in preparing for a case. Time is always of the essence, so any time saved is valuable. To prepare a legal strategy, one needs to comprehend a lot of information, so getting to the core of the case and being able to manage what you have is key.

This applies to both the study and practice of law. There can be more than one manageable conclusion or more than one precedent to resolve a case. However, the lawyer must use their evaluative skills in the process to choose the most appropriate outcome. 

Good judgement, also, is a factor with these skills. A great lawyer needs to be able to draw reasonable and logical conclusions from their information. And being critical of the analysis is part of the judgement process. Know the strengths and weaknesses of your case, so you can be prepared with a counterargument. And in a similar way, good judgement is also required to break down and analyze the opponent's case.

Commercial Lawyer Representation 

All the analytical skills, coupled with effective research techniques are nothing without solid judgement. That is needed to guide the case and it can be used to determine what information is quality and what can be dismissed. Do you need a commercial lawyer on Long Island? If you are interested in the services of Ms. Spirio, please contact her today. Free consultations are available to those in need. Ms. Spirio represents clients across Long Island and Nassau County. Get in touch with her today to find out more about representation.