Alternatives To Divorce Litigation

Trusted Long Island Divorce Lawyer

Spirio Law represents clients across Long Island and proudly provides alternatives to divorce litigation for those in need. This includes separation and divorce mediation. Our overall aim is to help you any way we can. Our divorce mediation involved negotiated settlements, custody agreements, property settlements and a collaborative law approach. By acting as a lawyer and mediator for our clients, we help resolve these life situations and customize a solution that best fits their needs. We understand how people generally like to have control over their own lives, which holds true for any marriage or domestic partnerships that are breaking up. We hope the alternatives to divorce litigation that we provide can lend to a more amicable agreement between sides. Our staff recognizes the tough aspects anyone has to go through with a divorce and we are here to make this difficult process go as smoothly as possible.

What is Mediation?

When it comes down to it, mediation is not an adversarial process. During a mediation session, the mediator helps the couple work together on finding the best way to separate or divorce. Considering all options in an open-minded way. The goal is to limit hostile feelings, so people can accept the circumstances and more rationally plan for the future. Many couples who turn to mediation are likely ones who have not been able to come to agreements. But with the help of trained mediators, they can come to a more amicable agreement and come to settlements that they would not achieve in the court process. This is what Ms Spirio excels at and can provide for you with your divorce. She understands the pressures of divorce through her many years as a Long Island divorce lawyer and can get you the end results you desire.

Alternatives To Divorce Litigation Consultations

Spirio Law has been representing clients across Long Island for years. We offer our services to those across both Nassau and Suffolk County. We proudly provide alternatives to divorce litigation for those looking for help on the matter. This includes separation and divorce mediation. For more information on divorce mediation, please reach out to us today. We will gladly answer any questions you may have pertaining to your situation. The number to call for our office is 631-277-8844. With your phone call, you can receive a free no-obligation consultation where we can to discuss the parameters of your case and look for the alternatives to your divorce litigation.